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Feb. 2014 Axons on the move H. Okamoto
Feb. 2014 Unravelling the brain’s memory networks S. Tonegawa
Jan. 2014 Neurons branch out the right way T. Shimogori
Jan. 2014 Amplifying communication between neurons A. Semyanov
Jan. 2014 Neurons branch out the right way T. Shimogori 
Jan. 2014 Decoding the parent–infant bond K. Kuroda
Dec. 2013 Mapping objects in the brain M. Tanifuji
Nov. 2013 A critical theory in brain development T. Toyoizumi 
Nov. 2013 The benefits of a spotless mind T. Saido
Oct. 2013 The emotion enzyme J. Aruga
Oct. 2013 A sharper sense of smell Y. Yoshihara
Sep. 2013 Decoding the drivers of Dravet syndrome K. Yamakawa
Sep. 2013 Maintaining cerebellar circuits for motor skills K. Mikoshiba
Sep. 2013 More to perception than meets the eye J. Gardner
Aug. 2013 Songbirds point to baby steps in the learning of language K. Okanoya
Aug. 2013 An eel protein illuminates human health A. Miyawaki
Jul. 2013 The rhythm of sleep H. Okamoto
Jul. 2013 Why we listen to sad music K. Okanoya
Jul. 2013 Visualizing a memory trace H. Okamoto
Jul. 2013 A new link between eye and ear J. Aruga
Jun. 2013 Experimental compound offers fragile X treatment S. Tonegawa
Jun. 2013 Carrying calms a restless baby K. Kuroda
Jun. 2013 Fluorescent probes shed light on embryonic brain development A. Miyawaki
Jun. 2013 The parenting switch K. Kuroda, Y. Yoshihara
May. 2013 Monkey see, monkey do N. Fujii
Apr. 2013 RNA defects in motor neuron disease K. Yamanaka
Apr. 2013 A stable model for motor neuron disease K. Yamanaka
Mar. 2013 Intuition results from training K. Tanaka
Mar. 2013 Feeding the flames for fat accumulation Y. Hirabayashi
Feb. 2013 Workings of the body clock H. Miyamoto (T. Hench's Lab)
Feb. 2013 Brain waves wax and wane H. Hirase
Jan. 2013 My mistake or yours? How the brain decides A. Iriki
Dec. 2012 Re-tuning responses in the visual cortex S. Tanaka
Dec. 2012 Learning to simulate other people’s decisions H. Nakahara
Dec. 2012 Head-mounted device manipulates reality N. Fujii
Nov. 2012 Two heads are better than one T. Shimogori
Oct. 2012 Broadening the frontiers of brain research: The Research Resources Center C. Itakura 
Oct. 2012 Facing unease in early development K. Okanoya
Oct. 2012 A new twist on protein misfolding M. Tanaka 
Aug. 2012 A new starring role for astrocytes K. Mikoshiba
Aug. 2012 The statistics of neuronal synchrony H. Shimazaki (S. Grün's Lab)
Jun. 2012 Balancing connections for proper brain function J. Aruga
May. 2012 Hamlet sets the stage for neuronal development A. Moore
May. 2012 Proving the protein-only hypothesis in neurodegeneration M. Tanaka 
May. 2012 Periodic organization that runs deep and wide T. Hosoya
May. 2012 Revealing the stars of brain adaptability H. Hirase
Mar. 2012 Measuring attention to detail J. Gardner
Mar. 2012 At the edge of awareness K. Cheng
Feb. 2012 Bird brains follow the beat Y. Seki (K. Okanoya's Lab)
Jan. 2012 Channeling into cell control K. Mikoshiba 
Dec. 2011 Characterizing a toxic offender T. Saido
Dec. 2011 ‘Mind-readers’ get a clearer view A. Miyawaki
Nov. 2011 Conducting how neurons fire A. Semyanov
Oct. 2011 Making great strides in brain research Q. Zhao (A. Cichocki's Lab)
Oct. 2011 Pausing to make memories S. Nagao
Vol.6, No.9, September 2011 Helping neurons stay on track PDF K. Mikoshiba
Vol.6, No.8, August 2011 Unraveling genomic changes in the brain PDF T. Kato
Vol.6, No.5, May 2011 Maintaining a proper distance PDF T. Inobe (N. Nukina's Lab)
Vol.6, No.5, May 2011 Following directions PDF H. Okamoto
Vol.6, No.5, May 2011 Distinguishing yourself from others PDF M. Isoda & A. Iriki
Vol.6, No.4, April 2011 Dear Dr Cichocki, PDF A. Cichocki
Vol.6, No.4, April 2011 Encoding unchartered territory PDF S. Tonegawa
Vol.6, No.4, April 2011 Revealing how experts’ minds tick PDF K. Tanaka
Vol.6, No.3, March 2011 News Roundup PDF
Vol.6, No.3, March 2011 Secretions of the mind PDF T. Furuichi
Vol.6, No.3, March 2011 Unearthing a pathway to brain damage PDF K. Mikoshiba
Vol.6, No.2, February 2011 Fish frozen in fear PDF H. Okamoto
Vol.5, No.12, December 2010 Follow that thought PDF K. Mikoshiba
Vol.5, No.11, November 2010 The brain lights up PDF T. Knöpfel
Vol.5, No.9, September 2010 A turning point for young neurons PDF H. Kamiguchi
Vol.5, No.8, August 2010 News Roundup PDF LF. Yoong (AW. Moore's Lab)
Vol.5, No.8, August 2010 Dear Prof. Iriki, PDF A. Iriki
Vol.5, No.8, August 2010 Mapping brain development PDF T. Shimogori
Vol.5, No.8, August 2010 Critical viewing PDF T. Tsumoto
Vol.5, No.8, August 2010 Decoding monkey movements PDF N. Fujii
Vol.5, No.7, July 2010 Wired for sight PDF M. Sato (Y. Hayashi's Lab)
Vol.5, No.7, July 2010 Making the right contacts to get ahead PDF E. Muto
Vol.5, No.6, June 2010 Cleaning up cellular trash PDF N. Nukina
Vol.5, No.6, June 2010 Twisting in the right direction PDF H. Kamiguchi
Vol.5, No.6, June 2010 Unfolding the genesis of ‘bad’ seeds PDF M. Tanaka
Vol.5, No.6, June 2010 Evolutionary profits and losses PDF T. Kato
Vol.5, No.5, May 2010 Eyes wide shut PDF T. Tsumoto
Vol.5, No.5, May 2010 Exploring new horizons of cerebellum research PDF M. Ito
Vol.5, No.4, April 2010 Dear Prof. Mikoshiba, PDF K. Mikoshiba
Vol.5, No.4, April 2010 Unearthing the pathways of plasticity PDF M. Ito
Vol.5, No.3, March 2010 Tackling the genetic onset of Down syndrome PDF K. Yamakawa
Vol.5, No.2, February 2010 Dear Dr Nukina, PDF N. Nukina
Vol.5, No.2, February 2010 A window to embryonic development PDF A. Miyawaki
Vol.5, No.2, February 2010 Switching neurons PDF TK. Hensch
Vol.5, No.2, February 2010 Brain change PDF A. Iriki
Vol.5, No.1, January 2010 Derailing inner ear development PDF J. Aruga
Vol.5, No.1, January 2010 Shaping and sharpening movements PDF Y. Isomura (T. Fukai's Lab)
Vol.4, No.12, December 2009 Dear Dr Nukina, PDF N. Nukina
Vol.4, No.11, November 2009 Helping neurons find their way PDF H. Kamiguchi
Vol.4, No.11, November 2009 The brains behind rule-guided behavior PDF K. Tanaka
Vol.4, No.11, November 2009 Deducing the evolution of the cerebral cortex from the thalamus PDF T. Shimogori
Vol.4, No.10, October 2009 Intercepting the transmission PDF T. Knöpfel
Vol.4, No.10, October 2009 A slight twist with serious consequences PDF M. Tanaka
Vol.4, No.10, October 2009 Roaming receptors PDF K. Mikoshiba
Vol.4, No.9, September 2009 News Roundup PDF
Vol.4, No.9, September 2009 Sense of attraction PDF Y. Yoshihara
Vol.4, No.9, September 2009 One gene shy of confidence PDF S. Itohara
Vol.4, No.8, August 2009 The path to olfaction PDF Y. Yoshihara
Vol.4, No.8, August 2009 Shaping the matrix PDF Y. Hayashi
Vol.4, No.8, August 2009 A matter of taste PDF T. Kondo
Vol.4, No.7, July 2009 Dear Dr. Rockland, PDF KS. Rockland
Vol.4, No.7,July 2009 Mastering motion PDF M. Ito
Vol.4, No.6, June 2009 The color and the shape PDF A. Miyawaki
Vol.4, No.6, June 2009 No pores in the war on epilepsy PDF K. Yamakawa
Vol.4, No.5, May 2009 From robotics to animal motor-control systems PDF J. Tani
Vol.4, No.4, April 2009 Dear Dr. Okanoya, PDF K. Okanoya
Vol.4, No.4, April 2009 Memory maintenance PDF A. Takashima
Vol.4, No.4, April 2009 Reciprocal communication PDF H. Hirase
Vol.4, No.4, April 2009 Finding the sweet spotPDF Y. Hirabayashi
Vol.4, No.4, April 2009 Focusing on glial cells to overcome an intractable disease, ALS PDF K. Yamanaka
Vol.4, No.3, March 2009 Island hopping PDF N. Nukina
Vol.4, No.2, February 2009 News Roundup PDF
Vol.4, No.1, January 2009 The rewards of courtship PDF NA. Hessler
Vol.4, No.1, January 2009 A balancing act PDF A. Takashima
Vol.3, No.12, December 2008 Coming to grips with ‘monkey business’ PDF A. Iriki
Vol.3, No.12, December 2008 The need for new neurons PDF S. Itohara
Vol.3, No.12, September 2008 Learning by osmosis PDF K. Okanoya
Vol.3, No.12, December 2008 Pass the protein PDF TK. Hensch
Vol.3, No.11, November 2008 Fluorescence or flexibility PDF A. Miyawaki
Vol.3, No.11, November 2008 Uncovering hidden pathways PDF K. Mikoshiba
Vol.3, No.11, November 2008 Brain gain PDF AA. Ioannides
Vol.3, No.11, November 2008 A collective assault initiates motor neuron degeneration PDF K. Yamanaka
Vol.3, No.11, November 2008 Making the right connections PDF M. Sheng
Vol.3, No.11, November 2008 Structural ‘snapshots’ of a protein implicated in Alzheimer’s disease PDF N. Nukina
Vol.3, No.11, November 2008 Brain waves PDF T. Knöpfel
Vol.3, No.10, December 2008 News Roundup PDF
Vol.3, No.10, October 2008 Synaptic protein coupling PDF K. Mikoshiba
Vol.3, No.10, October 2008 What’s in a whiff PDF J. Nakai (M. Ito's Lab)
Vol.3, No.9, September 2008 Dear Professor van Leeuwen, PDF C. van Leeuwen
Vol.3, No.9, September 2008 Sleepy neurons keep the brain awake PDF T. Kurotani (KS. Rockland's Lab)
Vol.3, No.9, September 2008 Wired for smell PDF Y. Yoshihara
Vol.3, No.9, September 2008 Rodents rake for rewards PDF A. Iriki
Vol.3, No.9, September 2008 Waiting for the light to change PDF A. Miyawaki
Vol.3, No.8, August 2008 Huntington’s researchers chase a new lead PDF N. Nukina
Vol.3, No.8, August 2008 Longer circuit fast-tracks memory PDF S. Tonegawa
Vol.3, No.8, August 2008 New potential to curb a neurodegenerative disease PDF K. Yamanaka
Vol.3, No.7, July 2008 How nerve cells are shaped PDF AW. Moore
Vol.3, No.6, June 2008 Sturdy synapses PDF M. Sheng
Vol.3, No.6, June 2008 Synchronized spiking PDF T. Fukai
Vol.3, No.5, May 2008 Seeking schizophrenia genes PDF T. Yoshikawa
Vol.3, No.4, April 2008 Neural architecture PDF K. Cheng & K. Tanaka
Vol.3, No.4, April 2008 Forgetful mice show the way to treating Alzheimer’s PDF A. Takashima
Vol.3, No.4, april 2008 Instructing neuronal connections PDF S. Itohara
Vol.3, No.3, March 2008 Nucleus demonstrates its independence PDF M. Kengaku
Vol.3, No.2, February 2008 Hopping mad for the nervous system PDF S. Itohara
Vol.3, No.1, January 2008 News Roundup PDF
Vol.2, No.11, November 2007 News Roundup PDF
Vol.2, No.11, November 2007 Towards a treatment for epilepsy PDF K. Yamakawa
Vol.2, No.11, November 2007 On the scent of how a sense of smell develops PDF Y. Yoshihara
Vol.2, No.11, November 2007 Layering and positioning neurons PDF M. Hashimoto
Vol.2, No.11, November 2007 A very sociable brain PDF N. Fujii & A. Iriki
Vol.2, No.10, October 2007 Towards the creation of Astro Boy’s brain PDF S. Usui
Vol.2, No.9, september 2007 News Roundup PDF
Vol.2, No.9, September 2007 Pinpointing genetic lesions of autism PDF T. Furuichi
Vol.2, No.8, August 2007 Calcium sensor illuminates learning and memory pathway PDF T. Knöpfel
Vol.2, No.7, July 2007 New suspected causes of schizophrenia PDF T. Yoshikawa
Vol.2, No.6, june 2007 Timing is essential when it comes to the distribution of information across the brain PDF C. van Leeuwen
Vol.2, No.6, June 2007 Coordinating connections between neurons PDF Y. Hayashi
Vol.2, No.5, May 2007 News Roundup PDF
Vol.2, No.5, May 2007 Timing is everything PDF H. Okamoto
Vol.2, No.4, April 2007 Steering mechanism for nerve circuit formation revealed PDF H. Kamiguchi
Vol.2, No.3, March 2007 Not just counting sheep PDF Y. Isomura (T. Fukai's Lab)
Vol.2, No.2, february 2007 Insights into brain architecture PDF K. Mikoshiba
Vol.2, No.2, February 2007 Lighting up the living brain PDF T. Knöpfel
Vol.2, No.2, February 2007 Getting ahead in neuroscience PDF
Vol.2, No.1, January 2007 Challenging bipolar disorder PDF T. Kato
Vol.1, No.12, December 2006 Probing the secrets of a neuron's pulse PDF S. Amari
Vol.1, No.12, December 2006 Too much of a good thing impairs brain development PDF T. Hashikawa
Vol.1, No.10, October 2006 Variability in mitochondrial DNA linked to longevity PDF T. Kato
Vol.1, No.10, October 2006 Quest for simple rules that unwind complex brain structure PDF MA. Wilson
Vol.1, No.10, October 2006 Promoting brain science research through Japan-US collaboration S. Tonegawa
Vol.1, No.9, September 2006 More responsibilities for a busy pathway PDF K. Mikoshiba
Vol.1, No.9, September 2006 Molecular mimic sets the tone for calcium release PDF K. Mikoshiba
Vol.1, No.8, August 2006 Color and light to illuminate biochemical pathways PDF A. Miyawaki
Vol.1, No.7, July 2006 Moody mice and humans not necessarily poles apart PDF T. Kato
Vol.1, No.7, July 2006 Experiences shape the brain PDF TK. Hensch
Vol.1, No.7, July 2006 Elucidating principles of the brain mathematically PDF S. Amari
Vol.1, No.6, June 2006 More to a blink than meets the eye PDF S. Itohara


(Published from 1998 to 2008, intergrated into RIKEN RESEARCH)

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