BSI Articles

June 8, 2017
Industry-academia collaboration builds the brain science assembly line

High-throughput automated experiments to address science’s reproducibility crisis

May 12, 2017
Fish love the smell of adenosine — well, anytime

Olfactory receptor that senses food signals is unique to aquatic species

May 9, 2017
What a mouse on a virtual track can tell us about how the brain navigates

Virtual reality is an efficient testbed for studying place memory and learning

April 19, 2017
Four young BSI scientists win RIKEN Researcher/Technician Incentive Award 2016

The Researcher Incentive Award and Technical Incentive Award are given to young researchers and technicians who have contributed to furthering RIKEN’s ideals by achieving exemplary results in their research support activities. In fiscal year 2016, three researchers and one technician from BSI were selected as awardees. Congratulations!

April 3, 2017
Japanese babies are upending the world of linguistics, one mora at a time

What works for English is not universal when it comes to language learning

February 10, 2017
The invisible touch

How do you jump-start the search for consciousness in the brain? A loan, some optical fibers and a cheeky threat of scientific one-upmanship

February 9, 2017
What I learned as a ‘brain tourist’ in Japan

A glimpse of neuroscience on the opposite side of the Pacific

December 7, 2016
The geometry of consciousness is a multi-dimensional math trip

What if you could visualize consciousness as a geometrical pattern that shifts and morphs over time?

September 5, 2016
A journey through the brain, in theory

An interview with neuroscientist Taro Toyoizumi