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Faculty Detail / 研究室詳細

Yoshihiro Yoshihara, Ph.D.

- We aim to elucidate the molecular, cellular, and neural circuit mechanisms underlying olfactory behaviors.

Neurobiology of Synapse

Senior Team Leader

Olfaction, Neural circuits

Yoshihiro  Yoshihara

Research Area

Information transfer between neurons takes place at the synapse. The wiring pattern among various types of neurons via specific synaptic connections is the basis of functional logic employed by the brain for information processing. Thus, detailed knowledge of neuronal networks is essential for understanding the wide range of brain functions. With special reference to the mouse and zebrafish olfactory system, we aim to elucidate the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the formation, maintenance, and plasticity of functional neural circuits. We will also focus on the identification and characterization of functional molecules involved in cell-cell interactions at the synapses in both the developing and mature brains.

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  1. 1

    Koide T., Yabuki Y., and Yoshihara Y.: "Terminal nerve GnRH3 neurons mediate slow avoidance of carbon dioxide in larval zebrafish", Cell Reports, 22(5), 1115-1123 (2018)

  2. 2

    Wakisaka N., Miyasaka N., Koide T., Masuda M., Hiraki-Kajiyama T., and Yoshihara Y.: "An adenosine receptor for olfaction in fish", Current Biology, 27(10), 1437–1447 (2017)

  3. 3

    Yabuki Y., Koide T., Miyasaka N., Wakisaka N., Masuda M., Ohkura M., Nakai J., Tsuge K., Tsuchiya S., Sugimoto Y., and Yoshihara Y: "Olfactory receptor for prostaglandin F2α mediates male fish courtship behavior.", Nat Neurosci., 19(7), 897-904 (2016)

  4. 4

    Miyasaka N., Arganda-Carreras I., Wakisaka N., Masuda M., Sümbül U., Seung H. S., and Yoshihara Y.: "Olfactory projectome in the zebrafish forebrain revealed by genetic single-neuron labelling", Nat. Commun., DOI: 10.1038/ncomms4639 (2014)

  5. 5

    Kaneko-Goto T., Sato Y., Katada S., Kinameri E., Yoshihara S., Nishiyori A., Kimura M., Fujita H., Touhara K., Reed R. R., and Yoshihara Y.: "Goofy coordinates the acuity of olfactory signaling", J. Neurosci., 33, 12987-12996 (2013)

  6. 6

    Mizuguchi R, Naritsuka H, Mori K, Mao C, Klein WH, and *Yoshihara Y: "Tbr2 deficiency in mitral and tufted cells disrupts excitatory-inhibitory balance of neural circuitry in the mouse olfactory bulb.", J Neurosci, 32(26), 8831-44 (2012)

  7. 7

    Koide T, Miyasaka N, Morimoto K, Asakawa K, Urasaki A, Kawakami K, and Yoshihara Y: "Olfactory neural circuitry for attraction to amino acids revealed by transposon-mediated gene trap approach in zebrafish.", Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 106(24), 9884-9 (2009)

  8. 8

    Miyasaka N, Morimoto K, Tsubokawa T, Higashijima S, Okamoto H, and Yoshihara Y: "From the olfactory bulb to higher brain centers: genetic visualization of secondary olfactory pathways in zebrafish.", J Neurosci, 29(15), 4756-67 (2009)

  9. 9

    Yoshihara Y, De Roo M, and Muller D: "Dendritic spine formation and stabilization.", Curr Opin Neurobiol, 19(2), 146-53 (2009)

  10. 10

    Kaneko-Goto T, Yoshihara S, Miyazaki H, and Yoshihara Y: "BIG-2 mediates olfactory axon convergence to target glomeruli.", Neuron, 57(6), 834-46 (2008)

  11. 11

    Furutani Y, Matsuno H, Kawasaki M, Sasaki T, Mori K, and Yoshihara Y: "Interaction between telencephalin and ERM family proteins mediates dendritic filopodia formation.", J Neurosci, 27(33), 8866-76 (2007)

  12. 12

    Sato Y, Miyasaka N, and Yoshihara Y: "Hierarchical regulation of odorant receptor gene choice and subsequent axonal projection of olfactory sensory neurons in zebrafish.", J Neurosci, 27(7), 1606-15 (2007)

  13. 13

    Matsuno H, Okabe S, Mishina M, Yanagida T, Mori K, and Yoshihara Y: "Telencephalin slows spine maturation.", J Neurosci, 26(6), 1776-86 (2006)

  14. 14

    Sato Y, Miyasaka N, and Yoshihara Y: "Mutually exclusive glomerular innervation by two distinct types of olfactory sensory neurons revealed in transgenic zebrafish.", J Neurosci, 25(20), 4889-97 (2005)

  15. 15

    Mitsui S, Saito M, Hayashi K, Mori K, and Yoshihara Y: "A novel phenylalanine-based targeting signal directs telencephalin to neuronal dendrites.", J Neurosci, 25(5), 1122-31 (2005)

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