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Faculty Detail / 研究室詳細

Nobuko Mataga, Ph.D.

- To advance research projects in BSI by providing essential assistance using biological and chemical technology

Bio-Material Analysis, RRC

Unit Leader

Staff-run technical services, Shared equipment management

Nobuko  Mataga

Research Area

The Support Unit for Bio-Material Analysis (BMA) provides the Staff-run Technical Services for the Brain Science Institute (BSI) and other research laboratories in RIKEN, these services include cell sorting, bio-material analysis (e.g. nucleic acids, proteins, and amino acids), and peptide synthesis. The unit also supervises the Shared Experimental Areas and coordinates the reallocation of laboratory equipment. The Shared Experimental Areas include the Radiation Controlled Area and the Common Use Equipment (CUE) Experimental Rooms, where both general-purpose and highly technical equipment are ready-to-use for research projects. Technical instructions, information, and/or advice are given on demand. Additionally, the BMA holds analysis & technical support classes for effective utilization of the Staff-run Technical Services and the CUE in the modern scientific environment.