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Faculty Detail / 研究室詳細

Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Ph.D.

- Breaking new ground in neuro-driving and neuro-rehabilitation by fusing brain science and engineering.

RIKEN BSI -TOYOTA Collaboration Center (BTCC)

Director, BTCC

Neuro-robotics, Neuro-driving incubation

Yasuo  Kuniyoshi

Research Area

Open up the frontier fusing brain science and engineering, presenting vision of novel possibilities together with working examples.

This endeavor should also lead to discovery of novel and valuable research problems and methodologies beyond the traditional line of brain science research.

Towards this end, make sure that every researcher in BTCC demonstrate one's talent and wisdom, achieving diamonds of research results.

Also, evoke synergy between research units, with BSI and Toyota, with other research institutes and the society, creating a new trend of research and development. To realize this, deploy appropriate triggering and leveraging strategies.

This way, resolve upon the broad future possibilities.