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Introduction of BSI Joint Graduate School Program

RIKEN Open day Event for prospective graduate school students, interested in doing research in BSI

Date: April 22, 2017 (RIKEN Open Day) 14:00-
Venue:@2F Conference Room, Central Bldg. [C51]


14:00-14:10 Introduction of Joint Graduate School Program
Hitoshi Okamoto, Deputy Director

Life in RIKEN

  • Haruna Nakajo (Developmental Gene Regulation), the University of Tokyo
    "Research at RIKEN:what I found in my graduate school"
  • Marianne Demailly (Neuronal Growth Mechanisms), University of Liverpool
    “UK – Japan Joint Program. Light/Chemically induced dimerization (LCID): a tool to study cellular adhesion molecules in growth cone”
  • Akihito Hasegawa (Behavioral Neurophysiology), Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences
    "My research experience at RIKEN BSI"
  • Jessica Sulkes (Neural Circuitry of Memory)
    "24-hour flying adventure to Riken"
14:30-15:40 Introduction of Research of the BSI Laboratories
Taro Toyoizumi, Neural Computation and Adaptation
Joshua Johansen, Neural Circuitry of Memory
Kumi Kuroda, Affiliative Social Behavior
Hokto Kazama, Circuit Mechanisms of Sensory Perception
Motomasa Tanaka, Protein Conformation Diseases
15:40- Interviews
Graduate Students (Nakajo, Demailly, Hasegawa, Sulkes)
Toyoizumi, Johansen, Kuroda, Kazama, Tanaka,
Hitoshi Okamoto, Developmental Gene Regulation
Tadafumi Kato, Molecular Dynamics of Mental Disorders
Toru Takumi, Mental Biology

Poster presentations
Integrated Theoretical Neuroscience
Mental Biology
Behavioral Neurophysiology
Affiliative Social Behavior

If you would like to interview with a specific PI, please fill in the form and submit.
(Please understand that some PIs are not always available)

We look forward to seeing you on the RIKEN OPEN DAY!