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Social brain function, Brain machine interface

藤井 直敬



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  1. 1

    Feingold J, Desrochers TM, Fujii N, Harlan R, Tierney PL, Shimazu H, Amemori KI, and Graybiel AM: "A system for recording neural activity chronically and simultaneously from multiple cortical and subcortical regions in non-human primates.", J Neurophysiol (2012)

  2. 2

    Shimoda K, Nagasaka Y, Chao ZC, and Fujii N: "Decoding continuous three-dimensional hand trajectories from epidural electrocorticographic signals in Japanese macaques.", J Neural Eng, 9(3), 036015 (2012)

  3. 3

    Santos GS, Nagasaka Y, Fujii N, and Nakahara H: "Encoding of social state information by neuronal activities in the macaque caudate nucleus.", Soc Neurosci (2011)

  4. 4

    Combe E, and Fujii N: "Depth perception and defensive system activation in a 3-d environment.", Front Psychol, 2, 205 (2011)

  5. 5

    Chao ZC, Nagasaka Y, and Fujii N: "Long-term asynchronous decoding of arm motion using electrocorticographic signals in monkeys.", Front Neuroeng, 3, 3 (2010)

  6. 6

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  7. 7

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  8. 8

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  9. 9

    Fujii N, Hihara S, and Iriki A: "Dynamic social adaptation of motion-related neurons in primate parietal cortex.", PLoS One, 2(4), e397 (2007)

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