The brain is a complex system in which information is distributed over a large number of neuronal elements and is processed through parallel dynamics of their mutual interactions. To understand the information processing in the brain, it is necessary to elucidate how information is represented in the brain and what types of algorithms are used... Prof. Shun-ichi AMARI

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I wish you enjoy the links to interesting resources on the Internet. Links are of various type. You may find statistical, neural network and other research related links as well as links that I personally found useful for numerous different reasons. I would like to keep all the links up-to-date, however, it is not an easy task. If you come across some broken link, I'd be glad if you let me know.
I present a list of my research and popular science publications. Some of the publications are freely available for download in various formats. However, my memos might be accessible only locally.

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