Presto Researcher, JST
"Decoding and Controlling Brain Information" Research Area
Department of Dynamic Brain Imaging
ATR International
Amari Research Unit
Brain Science Institute

Current Research

My current research topic is to use Bayesian statistics and machine learning methods for the understanding the computation performed in cerebral cortex.

Particular interests include:

Publication list

Previous Research

My previous research topic was to apply discrete mathematics such as automata, logic, and type theory to design of programming languages in the direction of helping programmers in safety, productivity, and efficiency. My main target in this research direction is to use theory of tree automata to the design of programming languages specialized to processing XML data.


Foundations of XML Processing: The Tree-automata approach (Cambridge University Press)


Personal Activities

My Erdos number is 4 (Csiszar Imre -> Giuseppe Longo -> Giuseppe Castagna -> me)